It's alive!

Last  Friday we were on Nyborgstjärn to watch a new kind of snowmobile. The Snowglider seemed to work OK, despite some trouble starting up that saw my toes numb from cold before they even started driving the thing.  

Trouble starting

The snowglider zoomed around with fairly good speed, but one can not help having some reservations about a vehicle like this. It doesn't  seem to have a reverse. What if you have to turn around in a tight spot...

Zooming around

Or what if you happened to stop in real deep snow...could you get out or not? I would have liked to see harder tests for the Snowglider if I hadn't been freezing to death at the time. One solid stop in the deepest snow available in the area would have gone a long way to convince a doubter like me (if they got out, that is)

What if you get stuck!

The smallest dog was keeping me company...

See Snowglider in action in a short video here:


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