Tourist office meeting

On September 22-23 it was time for a Tourist office meeting again. This means that all the Tourist offices in the county gather to discuss common goals and problems. Gällivare Tourist office hosted the meeting.

We stayed at Fällnas castle, in great rooms with excellent food.

After spending a day speaking, listening and being serious, the time had come for an activity. Gällivare Tourist office had managed to find one none of us had tried before. Superball...

Part fun, part nauseating...

On the way home we (Arvidsjaur and Arjeplog Tourist offices) made a stop by Harsprånget to stretch our legs and breathe.


We found a small waterfall along the path...

Burning snow in Arvidsjaur

Here is a short resume of our visit in Tjappsåive. We visited Michael and Heike from Germany who are running a Husky-farm.

Michael and Heike and two of their 21 dogs.

Their beautiful house in Tjappsåive.

It says that a picture can tell you more than a thousand words, but I don't think that two thousand words is enough to describe how cute dogs they have.

So cute...

On the way home we saw a nice windshelter.  

For more information, visit the webbsite

Free fishing

We went to a small lake to make a flyfishing-film. As a bonus we were able to try one of the best charfishing spots in Sweden!

Erika is trying her luck

Även rödingar har sin charm.
A char with beautiful colours.

An excellent example of a grayling.

What is hiding in the water?

A very satisfied fisherman.

This is how we make good coffe in the wilderness...

...and it tastes best outside.

For more information about guided fishingtours and more, visit

Artful glass

Peter went by Uta Fransson's art glass gallery in Renvallen and happened to bring his camera:

He made Uta model in front of the gallery right away!

Inside were combinations of glass... many different forms...

...and art.

You just have to buy something!
Visit Uta's own page:

A moment in history

The giant trout

This is may be the biggest brown trout caught in lake Storavan this summer. 5,7 kg was the weight of this fine fish...

Giant brown trout

Another angle...

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