A reindeer has moved in!

A reindeer has been living at our house for at least a week. Every morning when I emerge on the porch it is in a different place. Sometimes it is next lying next to the barn, sleeping, other times it is calmly grazing on the lawn. The last two days I've taken pictures of it, because it is not just any reindeer, it is a prime specimen!

He is grazing calmly...

...when I jump out with the camera.

He tried to escape, but after a whistle from me he posed like this!

Something new

Every day I learn something new, and today I learned something particularly useful: A new quick way to edit pictures in photoshop. It looks like dust has been cleaned from the pictures, and it only took a minute...



Wednesday: A hero's tale

I had a great idea for the blog today...I was going to go fishing and catch a huge fish to post a picture of here. It didn't work out that way. Firstly, I had no luck with the fishing whatsoever, an hour of fishing and not a single bite. Then I was going to take a picture of some seaweed that i caught (slightly bitter from the lack of fish) and walk back to the Tourist Office, when I lost my camera! It fell straight down onto some rocks, bounced a few times and came to rest half covered in water. Then it died and refused to be turned on again. I thought that was it for the camera...

But after drying in the Tourist Office for half a day it came alive again...it is a true hero!

The hero-camera

The lake

Nice path by the lake

Tuesday: The old rectory

I had a brilliant idea this morning! Why not go to the old rectory (local museum) and take some pictures with the morning sun, I thought. As usual, the result was less than perfect, the sun disappeared the minute I got there...

On the way...the water was unbelieveably clear today.

The clouds closed in.

It is a very nice area, with a stage and everything.

Morning in Arvidsjaur

I arrive early to work these days, which means I have time for a walk with the dog and taking some pictures. Here are the Monday-pictures:

On the way from the Tourist Office to Nyborgstjärn

By Nyborgstjärn...


A wet dog, after walking around the wole lake I couldn't resist throwing him in the water...

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