Cristmas spirit

The café Greya Knut in Arvidsjaur is a good place to boost your Christmas spirit (or any spirit, really). A colleague of mine let slip that not only do they have good coffe and a nice atmosphere there, but also a good sense of humor. I went to investigate...

It is nice to have coffee here...

You have to know a little Swedish for this, the sign says: Only staff may be in here. If you stress different vowels it says: Staff only, sheep are in here.

Extreme conditions

We are not far from the darkest day of the year, which is clearly noticable in everyones energy levels. The sun rose at 09.47 this morning and set at 13.27 in the afternoon, which gave us exactly 3h 40 minutes of daylight. the difference compared to the light in the summer is enormus and part of the charm of living here, by the arctic circle...

10.00 in the morning 20091109

22.30 at night around midsummer in 2007

The Christmas market in pictures

Last Sunday we had a Christmas market in Arvidsjaur for the first time. Typically, the weather had changed from warm and wet to icy cold that very day. Here are some pictures from the market:

Santa had his own booth

Santa visiting Anna-Lisas Souvenirs

He is fast...

Beautiful fire

Christmas spirit

Huge tree in the town square

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