Interesting vehicles

These fine bicycles visited the Tourist Office the other day. The children's seats have little pedals so they can do their part of the work...

The rouge AC

The staff at the Tourist office in Arvidsjaur had some problems with an air conditioning on nThursday; it wouldn't stop blowing. It was full storm and papers were flying all over the place. Because of the cold winds you had to were a hat, but since they didn't have one they had to use whatever they could find. The result is evident in the picture below:


The third of July the traditional commerce feast "A-smällen" took place again. It had been moved from "Storgatan" to "Östra skolgatan" this time, because of road constructions on the mainstreet. The weather was lovely and the people were in a good mood.

A lot of people gathered at "A-smällen" which, this year, took place at "Östra skolgatan"

"Candy-rain", popular among the children

 Sweet music from some "singing-birds" in hats

A tuff vacation

This is Åke Svensson , who started on his bike in Klippan in Skåne,
and has now reached Arvidsjaur. He has gone almost 2000 kilometres in ten days.

This is the list of how far he has come every day.

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