Lillberg - coolest place in Sweden?

Lillberg from Akkanålke. Storberg to the left.

On wednesday morning it was reported on the radio about the lowest temperature this winter; -42º in Naimakka.
But Linus Holmström, a caretaker on Hotell Laponia, has his own reflections.

-We usually have a little bit colder than what's reported on the news. My homestead Lillberg (close to Storberg...) is a really cold place.

This morning at 6 o'clock for example, we had -45 degrees and the car thermometer showed the same temperature... When it was time to go to work around 9 it had already risen to -37º.

-It would be very interesting if the Swedish metrological institute (SMHI) put up a wheater station here. The reports would surely be different, says Linus.

It was reported from Pjesker village that they had -39º minus. Here in the town we had around -30º.

How it has been for the camping batallion with the visiting Dutch Marines we don't know...

Inside rainbow

An inside rainbow like this happens once in a thousand years or so. Today it happened, here in the Tourist office:


The fishy cause of the beautiful rainbow...

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