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When we started this blog we also started doing some research about the age of the Tourist office, for the profile. In the ongoing research we have come across this picture:

with this information attached:

Description:  The new small cottages at the camping place by Tvättjärn. 1958. 
Text:  Chairman of the tourism comittee Thorsten Ståhl, left, is showing tourism administrator Bengt Härdelin, Luleå the newly built small cottages built by AB Bengt Lidström, Moskosel. 
Place:  Arvidsjaur 
Location:  Tvättjärn 
Time:  1958 
Photographer:  Valter Eriksson, Norrländska Socialdemokraten  
Print quality:  Yes, 300dpi TIF

It was in the huge municipal picture archives, which you can find here: . It is in swedish, but the pictures are nice.

Can we assume that the Tourist office was born before 1958? We'll see about that...


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