Russian visit to Abborrträsk

We had Russian visitors in Abborrträsk. They took a tour with Abborrträsk Natursafari ( Here are some pictures of their fun and cosy day: 


A hole in the ice

A fish!

Reindeer furs by the fire

Coffee pots

Fish again

Well deserved food


I have produced something today..a small fishing presentation about Arvidsjaur. I can't link to it directly, but go to and you will find the presentation there.

Budding Ice Hotel in Arvidsjaur

Arvidsjaur has an Ice Hotel in the bud - in Näverliden! Peter Strohecker from Germany has chosen the small village Näverliden as building site for his igloos. As I write this, two igloos are ready to use with room in each for 4 people sleeping and 10 people comfortably sitting. 

There is also a sauna, nice outdoor grill area and guided snow shoe tours in the forest. And as we were standing by the fire, a dog sleigh team from the neighbouring village  Auktsjaur came to visit!

Peter Strohecker - Karlsruhe / Näverliden

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