Educational trip

We had an educational trip on June 9 with staff from the Tourist office, Hotel Laponia, Silvercross 45 and the airport. The journey this year wenrt to the west.

The day in pictures:

We started with a guided tour in Lappstaden. Elisabet is a good guide...

The Sami flag

Children on an excursion in Lappstaden

Lasso throw by the Tourist office :)

Next stop was Båtsuoj Sami centre

We went through the reinfdeers to get to the cots

Lotta Svensson tells us about Sami culture

Different traditional Sami buildings

Lotta with the old ceremonial drum

A cot from the inside

This sight met us  at the ostrich farm in Slagnäs

Guidade tours, ostrich eggs, feathers, engraved egg lamps and ostrich meat.

A grim expression...

The next generation

A visit to Slagnäs Camping which has new owners with big plans


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