Rally in the morning

You wake up, tired and bitter, it is still dark outside. When it is time to leave for work you realise that 30 cm of snow has fallen during the night and you might not make it out to the big road through the snow. The first thing you have to do is clear the garage door.

Then you get into the car and are suddenly a proffessional racer. Driving like crazy, skidding and accelerating because you know that if you stop, you die (or get stuck with the car, which is almost as bad). Then you see it: The wall of snow left by the snowplough. It is 60-70 cm high and looks quite solid, but I know what I have to do...in a cloud of snow I speed through it with a laugh! Suddenly I am not tired anymore...

This is how it looked in central Arvidsjaur this morning


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