A new film editing program...

We have a new editing program at the Tourist office, it is so nice to use compared to freeware it brings tears to my eyes. Behold my first tottering steps in filmmaking with normal tools below:

The control group...

...of the Arctic Circle project had a meeting last Monday, which means we went to Arjeplog in a rental car. This is the journey in pictures:

A stop along the way...the weather was beautiful.

Fresh air

Towards Arjeplog

Lunch at Hotel Hornavan. The food was good and the view was great!

We found a combined meat, berry and souvenir shop...

...with a broad range and beautiful decorations.

This is how it looks. Don't miss it when you go to Arjeplog!

Movie opening night

Saturday is the opening night for Icebound's new movie. See the trailer here:

The movie opening takes place on Saturday at Hotel Lapoina, 21.00 and 15.00 for children. Afterparty after the opening at 21.00!

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