Everyone talks about the weather...

A road in the woods near Abborrträsk
...and they are quite right to do so! This picture was taken one hour ago near Abborrträsk. The cross country tracks are right around the corner!

Northern light maximum

Photo: Jerry Porsbjer
There will be an abundance of northern light in the year 2012-13. This is because we are closing in on an aurora maximum, which should occur in April according to current science. Jerry "Magnum" Porsbjer, Aurora photographer, is looking forward to this!
You can see more of his beautiful pictures here: www.magnumphoto.se . Dont miss the facebook page!

Unlikely encounter at Academy of Swedish Lapland!

Peter Manner, probably the least computer and videogame interested person in the universe, landed in the same picture as Tejbz! I just wish I had a recorded conversation to add here :)

Through the office window glass

I'm looking at this enchanting view at the moment :) I hope the snow stays!

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