Rally in the morning

You wake up, tired and bitter, it is still dark outside. When it is time to leave for work you realise that 30 cm of snow has fallen during the night and you might not make it out to the big road through the snow. The first thing you have to do is clear the garage door.

Then you get into the car and are suddenly a proffessional racer. Driving like crazy, skidding and accelerating because you know that if you stop, you die (or get stuck with the car, which is almost as bad). Then you see it: The wall of snow left by the snowplough. It is 60-70 cm high and looks quite solid, but I know what I have to do...in a cloud of snow I speed through it with a laugh! Suddenly I am not tired anymore...

This is how it looked in central Arvidsjaur this morning

A colorful day

This time of year, before the thick layer of snow cover the lakes, the fish is eager to bite! This pictures are taken yesterday at one of Arvidsjaurs 4000 lakes. http://www.natursafari.se/

Preparing for the winter

This time of the year the people of Arvidsjaur make decorations around their houses, and material is collected from the forest.


The snow has arrived!

Not in large very quantities, but still. And it is cold, -10 Celsius.

The other day the Blogg went for a exursion to Arjeplog and the beautiful Vauka rapids. And we were blessed; after a few minutes a king eagle passed with impressing wings over our heads... 

Where's the snow that fell the year that's fled?

The snowlessness is eating away. Many times this year we have been complaining and bitching about how terribly trying last winter (when we had a1,5 metre snow depth and it was snowing every other day) was, and now we are paying the price. Not one single centimetre of snow! Now we have romantic thoughts about the snow, long for it and cheer if one flake should float to the ground.

Snow does not only mean a beautiful white blanket in nature and more light reflected on us light-starved northeners. It is also a social engine. How many times during a winter do we compare snow depth with each other or go on about who has shoveled the most snow? Not to mention all the snow related subjects like snowmobiles or snowclearing tools and machines that are lost in the snowlessness. The pictures below bring tears of longing to ones eyes... 

Every day drama

I am walking softly in the forest...suddenly there is a tension in the air, the dogs are bristling. We come to a dead stop and turn our heads in the same direction. One of the dogs starts to creep towards a thick spruce  a short distance away. We are now on red alert. The other dog barks suddenly and a flock of  hazelhens flies up about 10 m away...

One of the moments of excitement I get just because they exist:

Man's best friend

Man's best friend in the world

Seasons change

Two weeks ago Arvidsjaur municipality launched a new web page. It had a distinctive fall colour that may be called "intensive orange".  Now the web page has changed to a winter outfit and looks like this:

Vy ut över Arvidsjaurs samhälle, kvällstid. Samt bild från Vittjåkksfjället där ungdomar åker bräda. Foto Kent Norberg.


What do you think? Better or worse :)

The ice rinks are ready

This weekend it was clear that at least one of the natural ice rinks are ready to use. These are pictures from Nyborgstjärn in the centre of Arvidsjaur!

It looks wonderful...

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