...the "small cottages" by Tvättjärn looks like this:

Camp Gielas has almost 300 beds!

Born to be wild?

When we started this blog we also started doing some research about the age of the Tourist office, for the profile. In the ongoing research we have come across this picture:

with this information attached:

Description:  The new small cottages at the camping place by Tvättjärn. 1958. 
Text:  Chairman of the tourism comittee Thorsten Ståhl, left, is showing tourism administrator Bengt Härdelin, Luleå the newly built small cottages built by AB Bengt Lidström, Moskosel. 
Place:  Arvidsjaur 
Location:  Tvättjärn 
Time:  1958 
Photographer:  Valter Eriksson, Norrländska Socialdemokraten  
Print quality:  Yes, 300dpi TIF

It was in the huge municipal picture archives, which you can find here: . It is in swedish, but the pictures are nice.

Can we assume that the Tourist office was born before 1958? We'll see about that...

The Eiffel tower?

It may be difficult to tell the difference, but this is actually the view tower on Lillberget in Arvidsjaur.

You can see surprisingly far from here, the mountain is all of 426 m above sea level...
(The Eiffel tower is 325 m, measured from the ground)

Autumn holiday

This week the schools in Arvidsjaur have their autumn holiday. Different activities are arranged for the kids, f.e. a "guitar hero"-competition. The picture is taken last night.


Fairytale country

Now we have downloaded the amazing pictures from our little trip ! 


Silver lining in a world without snow

-5,0 degrees when I left home this morning and still no snow. If this goes on for another week the ice will be thick on the lakes. This brings opportunities! In a municipality with 4000 lakes there will suddenly be 4000 places to skate...

Ice rink waiting to happen?

The urge to run all out and then glide out on the ice on my shoes is almost overwhelming...almost...

Welcome to our new blog!

Hi! This is our office!

We have noticed a trend of blogs and travelreports at the Tourist office in Arvidsjaur and are imagining a brilliant future for this blog. We live and work in Arvidsjaur after all! Yesterday Peter was outside in a real world fairyland of sunshine and mist, where he got some spectacular pictures that we will show you tomorrow. I just hope you can wait until then!

Erika (& Peter)

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