GPS trip

We are in the process of making a new accommodation brochure, where the GPS coordinates for the different places will be included. Consequently, we went for a little ride to collect them. This is a couple of photos from the trip:

The view from Akkavare, the opposite direction of the usual view from Lillberget in the centre of Arvidsjaur.

Swans. You had to sneak up on them, they wanted to swim away. Mom, dad and baby swan.
When I saw this picture I  thought  that the baby should have left "home" already, so I went to wikipedia for a quick answer. Apparently the time the  swans stay with their parents is different from case to case. Here is the piece of text:

" Whooper swans pair for life, and their cygnets stay with them all winter; they are sometimes joined by offspring from previous years. Their preferred breeding habitat is wetland, but semi-domesticated birds will build a nest anywhere close to water. Both the male and female help build the nest, and the male will stand guard over the nest while the female incubates. The female will usually lay 4-7 eggs (exceptionally 12). The cygnets hatch after about 36 days and have a grey or brown plumage. The cygnets can fly at an age of 120 to 150 days."



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